Power Supply Systems

 The most robust, long lasting electrophoresis power supplies in the market 

 - A new graphical display provides more useful information. Both voltage and current measurement  systems have

   improved to a higher resolution.

 - Though the EVxxxx has some advanced features such as method programming, USB computer control, automatic recovery,

   care has been taken to design for ease of use. Simply set your power supply to the desired parameters and run.

 - The new design makes the power supply easier to repair and combined with firmware upgrade capability the EV series

   will always be high-end.

 - The EV series continue their program after a power failure. Thanks to continuous event-based logging combined with a real

   time clock it’s possible to get an overview of previous runs, including possible down-times in case of mains power failures. 



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  •  On screen help With an on screen help system in 4 languages the user is assisted to set up the power  supply parameters. In case of an
     error a text is displayed to help finding the problem rapidly. 
  •  Firmware updates The power supply’s software can easily be upgraded to the latest version via the USB interface. When our research results
     in a new functionality, it will be made available to the complete series. Feature requests can also be implemented via the firmware system.
  •  Real Time Clock Date and time are kept in a battery backup system. This system is also used for logging unexpected mains power failures
     during an electrophoresis run.
     Various running methods:
  •  Simple programming. The manual mode allows to set voltage, current, power and time for a routine electrophoresis run. Parameters can be
     changed temporarily without interrupting the run.
  •  Method programming. Up to 9 different programs, each with 9 steps, of frequently used parameters can be stored in the non-volatile
     memory for future recall. Reads voltage in 1 V steps, current in 1 mA steps and power in 1 W steps. Each step is able to recall a next one,
     providing a flexible multiple step function for special techniques. Parameters of the running step can be changed temporarily without
     interrupting the run.
  •  Voltage ramp. The method mode also allows to program a linear voltage gradient for any step provided the limiting current or power is
     not attained.
  •  Timer. Timer or volt-hour controlled operation is a useful standard feature on all models. The power supply will automatically terminate
     the run and sound an alarm when the count down of the selected value is achieved.
  •  Automatic cross-over Each model has constant voltage, constant current, constant power capabilities with automatic cross-over and shows
     which parameter is kept constant.
  •  Automatic recovery after power failure After a mains power failure the instrument will automatically continue the run for the remaining time.
  •  Password protection Prevents any unauthorised modification of the instrument’s settings allowing the user only to modify the parameters.
  •  Display The graphical LCD screen provides step by step instructions in the language of your choice (English, Dutch, French, German).
  •  Data-logging Data logging of 300.000 events (value stored when change occurs) which corresponds to about 1000 hours of runs are
     automatically stored. Data includes data/time, voltage, current, power and date/time of following events: start, stop, pause, program number,
     step, changes, mains  failure and auto restart. The logged data is downloadable via data transfer.
  •  Data Transfer Free data acquisition software for PC can be downloaded from our website. It allows to visualize and examine the stored run
     details via USB.
  •  Remote control All power supplies can be controlled by a computer using special commands. These commands can be found in the support
     section of our website.
  •  Safety features With high voltage power supplies human safety is very important. The power supply has various protection features:
     Ground leakage detection. The user is protected from potential shock hazard since the AC line is automatically disconnected from the high
     voltage transformer when a ground leakage path is detected.
     Overload protection. The instrument is fully protected against any overload condition including accidental short circuit of the output. Smooth
     voltage rise. The high voltage cannot suddenly appear at the outputs. It will always increase smoothly up to one of the pre-set limits.
     No load detection. Prevents errors such as a bad or a dangling connection.
     Isolated communication. Optically isolated USB input/output connection to prevent any high voltage on the communication lines.
  •  Warranty 3 year warranty on factory faults.




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     0...400 V, 0...500 mA, 0...50 W


0...300 V, 0...1000 mA, 0...150 W


0...600 V, 0...500 mA, 0...150 W


0...3000 V, 0...150 mA, 0...150 W


0...300 V, 0...2000 mA, 0...300 W


0...600 V, 0...1000 mA, 0...300 W


0...1200 V, 0...500 mA, 0...300 W


0...3000 V, 0...300 mA, 0...300 W


0...6000 V, 0...150 mA, 0...300 W