Products for IVF, ET, and AI in cattle, horses and small ruminants

   - WTA animal breeding products are used and recommended by many professionals because of their unique design and the

     quality of the materials used in manufacture.

   - WTA constantly conducts  research to improve the quality and design of their products incorporating innovative and

     functional designs. 

   - All of these factors are implemented in the manufacturing facility, which produces high tech equipment, lathe, EDM, 

     injection molding and assembly laboratories.

   - WTA provides these professionals with the superior products they need to complete their duties effectively  and efficiently.

   - WTA meet and comply with International Standards and quality controls.



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  EVE for in vitro embryo production with premixed gas and 3 independent chambers.


  Eve Benchtop Incubator is the final incubator solution for IVF laboratories.
 - It works under premixed gas injection, allowing per fect control inside the chambers.

 - The lid and the base temperature heating controls are independent resulting in faster and

   higher precision internal enviroment recovery .

The gas injection has individual moisture system and timer control.

   The interval and the gas changes are configurable, reducing considerably gas consumption

   and increasing media Ph recovery.

 - Each chamber has it's own control system for the internal hydrostatic pressure, an impor tant factor

   for increasing embr yo production and quality , specially for freezing and vitrification.

 - Touch screen panel for setting all adjustments quickly .

 - Audible alarm aler ts in the event of abnormal variation of temperature or pressure.

 - Heating chambers with enough room for many petri dishes and micro vials brands.

 - It is fully automatic. Optional SMS monitoring system.



 Gross weight: 35,8 kg | Net weight: 21 kg

 Power range: 90~240 Vac

 Hydrostatic pressure: 0-50 mmHg

 Maximum power: 350 NW

 Temperature: 34° – 39° C

 Dimensions (LxWxH): 540x400x180 mm



  Gasified Portable Incubator LabMix


  Portable Incubator for transporting oocytes during maturation or developing embryos, with

  automatic premixed gas injection and internal battery with 12 hours autonomy.


 - LabMix keeps oocytes and embryos in controlled enviroment for developing in long distance transport.

 - It has a premixed gas exclusive reservoir, which avoids the use of high-pressure cylinder while


 - LabMix has a battery system with autonomy of 12 hours.

 - The incubator works on a positive hydrostatic pressure, one of the factors contributing to the good

   results obtained with this equipment.

 - Programmable temperature trough color touchscreen display with interactive and easy to use menu.

 - Also has a failsafe system feature with audible and visual alarms.



 Gross weight: 12,940 kg | Net weight: 9,400 kg

 Power range: 90~240 Vac and 12V cc

 Pressure: 7,3 Psi

 Maximum power: 64,5 W

 Temperature: 34° – 39° C

 Dimensions (LxWxH): 330x190x200 mm



Oocyte Transporter TO-12

  The Oocyte T ransporters are specially designed for preserving quality and providing safety when

  transporting oocytes from the field to the IVF Laboratory.


 One of the major problems when transpor ting oocytes from the field to the laboratory is the

 temperature control.


 - WTA Oocyte Transpor ter has precision digital control and internal battery with 12 hours autonomy.

 - The screen shows battery level and registers maximum and minimum transpor t temperature.

 - It has an alarm indicating temperature variation and configurable exclusive “airplane mode”.


   TECHNICAL FEATURES : Oocyte T ransporter TO-12 : Capacity for 24 x 1,5 ml microvials

 Gross weight: 5,250 kg | Net weight: 4,950 kg

 Power range: 90~240 Vac and 12 Vcc

 Dimensions (LxWxH): 205x125x200 mm

 Maximum power: 65 W


   TECHNICAL FEATURES : Oocyte T ransporter TO-16 : Capacity for 32 x 1,5 ml microvials

 Gross weight: 7,150 kg | Net weight: 6,700 kg

 Power range: 90~240 Vac and 12 Vcc

 Dimensions (LxWxH): 320x185x165 mm

 Maximum power: 65 W

Oocyte Transporter TO-16


Embryo Transporter TE-100

  WTA Embryo T ransporters are devices that offer high quality and safety when transporting embryos

  from IVF laboratory to the field.


 Digital thermostat allows precision temperature setting.

 - Built-in battery with 12 hours autonomy and indication level on the display.

 - For extra security it provides temperature changes alarm and indication of minimum and maximum

 - temperature during transport.

 - Manufactured in special aluminum, it is small and suitable to carry on hand luggage.


     TECHNICAL FEATURES : TE-100 :   for 98 straws /  2 cavities for 0,25mm transfer gun

 Gross weight: 5,700 kg | Net weight: 5,140 kg

 Power range: 90~240 Vac and 12 Vcc

 Dimensions (LxWxH): 200x152x185 mm

 Maximum power: 65 W


     TECHNICAL FEATURES : TE-200 :  for 196 straws /  4 cavities for 0,25mm transfer gun

 Gross weight: 7,820 kg | Net weight: 7,430 kg

 Power range: 90~240 Vac

 Dimensions (LxWxH): 330x185x175 mm

 Maximum power: 65 W

Embryo Transporter TE-200


Digital Semen Thaw Unit

  WTA digital Semen Thaw Unit is an equipment specially develloped for maintenance of the

  water temperature when thawing semen and embryos.


  Technology specially developed for IA, ET and FTAI, has numbered divisors dividing the tank into

  four chambers, allowing the separation of the semen or embryos during thawing.


 -High-tech digital controls and unique heat radiation system maintaining the temperature

  uniform inside the thawing tank.

 -Intuitive, allows per fect water temperature setting.

 -Timer with audible alarm facilitates and speeds up the work, either in the laboratory or in the corral

  during the IA / TE .

 -High resistance gabinet has sealed lid preventing leakage of water .

 -Water tank made in Polished Aluminum facilitates cleaning and sterilization. 



 Gross weight: 1,290 kg | Net weight: 1,1120 kg

 Power range: 90~240 Vac and 12 Vcc

 Dimensions (LxWxH): 130x110x195 mm

 Maximum power: 36W



 An affordable way to stabilize media with low gas consumption.


 ADAM Media Stabilizer Unit is an equipment specially designed for gasify and warm culture media

 in 1,5, 15 or 50 ml tubes. Fits per fectly to most tube brands.


 The color touch screen display allows per fect setting and easy inter face for programing.


       TECHNICAL FEATURES  Holds: 1 X50 ml tubes / 6 X15 ml tubes  / 8 X1,5 ml microvial

 Gross weight: 6,100 kg | Net weight: 5,600 kg

 Power range: 90~240 Vac and 12 Vcc

 Temperature: 34° – 39° C

 Maximum power: 90W

 Limited Warranty: 1 year

 Dimensions (LxWxH): 310x220x170 mm




Tube Heater 50 - ATi

 Tube Heater is a digital device, specially designed for laboratory procedures that need a

 stable temperature.


       TECHNICAL FEATURES : Tube Heater 50 - ATI : Holds 6 x 50 ml tubes

 Gross weight: 3,200 kg | Net weight: 2,600 kg

 Power range: 90~240 Vac and 12 Vcc

 Dimensions (LxWxH): 200 x 92x 112 mm

 Maximum power: 65 W



       TECHNICAL FEATURES : Tube Heater Mix ATM

                                                    Holds:  4 x 50 ml tubes  / 4 x15 ml tubes / 6 x1,5 ml microvials

 Gross weight: 3,450 kg | Net weight: 2,850 kg

 Power range: 90~240 Vac and 12 Vcc

 Dimensions (LxWxH): 200 x 9 2x 112 mm

 Maximum power: 65 W



Tube Heater Mix ATM


Warm Plate Standard

  WTA Warm Plate preserves the temperature of media or specimens for laboratory procedures.


  Specially designed for laboratory use, WT A Warm Plates provide precision on heating media or

  biological material while processing. The digital heat control and the exclusive heating element

  provide distributed heating surface.


  Thermal isolation reduces heat loss. It is suitable for petri dishes or to be used with WT A aluminium

  tube stand.

  Manufactured in anodized aircraft aluminium.


       TECHNICAL FEATURES : Standard model  

 Gross weight: 2,650 kg | Net weight: 2,260 kg

 Power range: 90~240 Vac and 12 Vcc

 Temperature: 30° C – 39° C

 Maximum power: 64,5 W

 Dimensions of the table (LxW): 350x250 mm



       TECHNICAL FEATURES : Universal model

 Gross weight: 1,640 kg | Net weight: 1,430 kg

 Power range: 90~240 Vac and 12 Vcc

 Temperature: 30° C – 39° C

 Maximum power: 65 W

 Diameter of the central hole Ø48mm

 Dimensions of the table (LxW): 215x170 mm


      TECHNICAL FEATURES : Warm Stage for SMZ Stereoscope  

 Gross weight: 1,53Kg

 Power range: 90~240 Vac and 12 Vcc

 Temperature: 30° C – 39° C

 Maximum power: 65 W

 Diameter of the central hole Ø48mm

 Dimensions of the table (LxW): 215x170 mm

Warm Plate Universal

Warm Plate for SMZ Stereoscope



 Precision equipment for freezing, in programmable curves, embryos produced in vivo or in vitro.


 ALLice is an embryo freezing equipment provided with microprocessor able to precisely

 control the decreasing curve for slow freezing embr yos produced in vivo or in vitro.

 - Manufactured in anodized aluminum, has color touchscreen display and it is easy to operate.

 - ALLice Freezing Unit comes with internal emergency battery with 2 hours autonomy.

 - It has 2-liter reservoir for easy replacement of liquid nitrogen.

 - High-precision temperature control system with 3 customizable freezing curves and 3 stabilization

   levels allow flexibility and comfor t for embr yo cryopreservation.



 Gross weight: 7,600 kg | Net weight: 6,890 kg

 Power range: 90~240 Vac and 12 Vcc

 Temperature: -32°C – +37°C

 Maximum power: 150 W


Collection Filter Heater

 Collection Filter Heater is a portable digital heater to avoid temperature variation wile

 performing oocyte washing on OPU procedures.


 - It is well known that oocyte temperature variation is one of the major reasons for poor

   embr yo production in OPU-IVF procedures.

 - Small and easy to use, the Collecting Filter Heater is the per fect tool for oocyte manipulation

   when the ambient temperature demands so.

 - With programmable temperature setting keeps the filter warm and avoids variation during

   the OPU-IVF procedures.



 Gross weight: 0,98 kg

 100~240 V - 50/60 Hz (automatic)

 Temperature: 34° – 39° C

 Maximum power: 36 W


Bloco Vitrificador

 Solid surface vitrifier block in solid aluminum which provides greater thermal stability, with polished

 anodized surface and mirrored treatment at the vitrification region.



 Gross weight: 0.99 kg | Net weight: 0.96 kg

 Dimensions (LxWxH): 86 x 93 x 107 mm




Pocket Tube Heater

 Pocket Tube Heater is a digital portable tube heater to avoid temperature variation wile

 performing OPU procedures.


 - It is well known that temperature variation is one of the major reasons for poor embryo

   production in OPU-IVF procedures.

 - Small, configurable and easy to use, the pocket heater PH-50 is a perfect tool for OPU procedures in

   open areas  or when the ambient temperature demands so.

 - It keeps the 50ml OPU recovery tube warm and avoids temperature variation.



 Gross weight: 0.98 kg | Net weight: 0.76 kg

 Power range: 90~240 Vac and 12 Vcc

 Dimensions (LxWxH):  

 Maximum power: 36W




Vacuum Pump With Filter Heater

  It has wireless pedal that connects, disconnects and controls the maximum pressure.


 - Heater tubes coupled with precision digital thermometer, maintaining the set temperature with a

   minimum variation (0.3 C)

 - Holds 6 x 50ml tubes and keeps the temperature stable for the OPU media, aspirated fluids and

   washing media



 Gross weight: 5.24 kg | Net weight: 4.5 kg

 Dimensions (LxWxH): 86 x 93 x 107 mm

 Dimensions (LxWxH):  220 X 252 X 114mm

 Maximum power: 70W



Insemination guns 0.25,

0.5 and unversal sizes

Transfer guns 0.25, 0.5

and unversal sizes

Microvials for cell cultrure

 for Labmix

Embryo transfer Sheaths

 0.25 and 0.5 (Sterilized)

AI sheaths

Collector Filters for IVF / ET

150ml capacity and a 75

micron nylon screen.

Straw Sealing plugs 0.25,

0.5. Made of a nontoxic


Petri Dish 60mm

Transparent Needle for

follicle aspiration for small


Needle for artificial

insemination in small



Pipette for artificial &

laparoscopic insemination

in small ruminants

Disposable needles for

follicular aspiration

 7cm for 18~20 gauges.

Follicular aspiration


Low water absorption

Aluminum stopper for  

follicular aspiration/ Fast

& Hygenic suction lines.

FoIlicular aspiration

system for disposable needles ( Sterilized )


Straw for Vitrification

Made with  nontoxic


Fork for Vitrification

Made with  nontoxic


Five - Well Dish for cell /

embryo culture.

Sterilized. Atoxic.

Rod for follicle aspiration.

for the passage of the aspiration systems.

Ear tags in polyurethane.

Antibacterial pigment nanotechnological.