Revolutionary Milk Analysis.



 In 13 minutes, EXTENSO can simultaneously detect 90 antibiotic residues and toxins discriminated into

 17 specific channels and covering all main contaminant groups such as ß-lactams, tetracyclines,

  aminoglycosides, lincosamides, macrolides, (fluoro) quinolones, sulfonamides, chloramphenicol,

  trimethoprim, colistin, melamine and even aflatoxin M1.








 Good to know

 Milk quality is a major concern.

 Farmers, producers and laboratories have to meet European and international rules.

 They must perform even more stricter controls to ensure the quality of their products.

 They need breakthrough solutions to detect more contaminants, while allowing them to choose the

 contaminants they want to be tested.

 But, currently, analytical tools are not always adapted to their needs.

 They have to manage many different technologies from different brands, with complicated test procedures.

 Professionals of the dairy industry don’t have to spend time managing their data and they cannot risk

 to lose them! Morevover, connectivity and traceability are nowadays the standards.

 Unisensor has found the solutions to all these concerns and integrated them into one platform,

 called EXTENSO.



 Full connectivity for data storage, export or sharing, download, warning deliveries and many more...

 With EXTENSO, you can : 

  • alert instantly your QA Manager via SMS; 
  • store locally your data (Internal memory, SD card, or USB stick);
  • import automatically the test method associated to the batch number; 
  • export the results (Excel, Pdf file) or the raw data; 
  • print a report; 
  • share these reports through Wi-fi (802.11n/g/b), Mobile data (Sim Card) or Bluetooth 4.0.; 
  • send results to a private cloud server, via email or SMS; 
  • connect the device to your quality management system through LIMS.

  Extenso lets you track any past or present result in your database.

  The platform ensures traceability for each single test. The biosticks are tagged with a specific barcode for

  proper batch recognition and sample identification. 

  Finally, you can locate your device thanks to a built in GPS chip.



 New Generation of Flow Cytometry  Immunoassay



  A powerful analytical tool to prevent the presence of antibiotic residues in the food chain.

   • 10 antibiotic families      • More than 80 residues       • In 1 single test 


 BEADYPLEX combines simultaneous competitive immunoassays in the same single reaction.

 The test uses unique reagents comprising mixtures of antibiotic-conjugated beads (assay competitors),

 broad- range antibiotic binders (receptors and antibodies), and  fluorescent secondary binders.

 Each bead, individually encoded by its specific size and internal fluorescence, in combination

 with a primary binder, enables the detection of well-defined groups of antibiotics.

 In a first assay step the beads and primary binders are incubated with the sample extract.

 In the second assay step the labelled secondary binders detect the remaining primary binders on

 the beads surface, thus generating the final assay signal.

 The resulting “beads-binders” complexes are then characterized by the Flow Cytometer, which

 entails the classification of the beads by discrimination of their sizes and internal fluorescence levels,

 and the measurement of external fluorescence intensities. The presence of antibiotics from a particular

 family is identified by a signal decrease for the corresponding encoded bead, with respect to a

 zero dose control sample.







Reliable & Robust


 Good to know

 The misuse of antibiotics in animal farming regularly leads to the presence of residues in edible products.

 Early detection of these residues is essential to guarantee consumer protection and industrial food


 BEADYPLEX is an efficient screening method for the analysis of most relevant veterinary antibiotics in

 different food commodities, providing family identification in one single analysis per sample 




  HEATSENSOR® incubators assure all Unisensor diagnostic tests to receive a fixed incubation temperature

  no matter what the ambient/operating temperature.


  Adapted to perform One Step Test Procedure for all our Products.  

  • Automatic release of dipstick
  • Compatibility with all test kits from UNISENSOR
  • Self-timing with light and audio signal
  • Product’s specific program included
  • Easy to use



 Model : 

  APP032 (DUO)


 Number of tests at a time



 Timing range : 

  1 sec ~ 999 sec or 1 min ~ 999 min

 Temperature range : 

RT+5°C ~ 75°C

 Accuracy of the temperature :

≤± 0.5°C

 Display accuracy : 


 Heating time (from 20 °C to 75 °C) : 


 Ambient temperature :

5°C ~ 35°C

 Dimensions (W×D×H) :


 Power supply : 


 Power : 


 Weight :

0.5 kg




 The READSENSOR is a portable instrument designed to electronically read results from all  UNISENSOR strips.

 The READSENSOR interprets, quantifies and records test strip results.

 Portable and simple to operate, the READSENSOR provides objectivity, convenience and the ability to store

 and export test data to a printer or personal computer.   



  • Results can be displayed, printed, stored or transferred to USB upon request
  • Clear rapid and accurate interpretation of results
  • Specific algorithms are stored into the equipment and can be recall at any time
  • Auto-calibration with external Reference dipstick
  • Precision: excellent repeatability, long-term stability, and precise calibration of the device.
  • Portability: small, light, usable autonomously with batteries and capable of storing up to 100 measurements. The ReadSensor can be used in the field.
  • Connectivity: connecting and transferring your results to a computer is easy with the USB port. The softwares supplied with the reader are user friendly. A barcode scanner can be connected to the ReadSensor in case the upload of a kit-specific reading methods is necessary.



  • 1 kit of plug adapters
  • 1 ReadSensor and its connector to power supply
  • 1 USB cable to connect the reader to a computer
  • 3 Reloadable AA batteries
  • 1 USB key containing the software and drivers
  • 1 numeric keyboard and its USB adapter
  • 2 calibration dipsticks