Tube Capper & De-Capper Systems.  Easily and quickly capping a various Micro-Tubes


 Microcapper MCF-13    Automated Capper

v Compact table-top Auto capper device.

v 1초 만에 13 X 6mm cap들을 자동으로 capping.

v 완료된 튜브 수량 자동명시  

v Cap cartridge한번에 100개의 Caps 을 넣어 처리 가능

v Cap들은 자동으로 다시 Auto-feeder내에 채워짐.

v   Tube Lifter : Option

                                                                                    Demo Video  CPT Video 보러가기      


 Microcapper MCD-13    Manual Capper & Decapper

v Compact table-top Manual capper device.

v 3초 만에 13 X 6mm capcapping.

v The operator inserts the tube into a holder and slides it
     forward to the stop

v The device can be switched to de-capping mode.

                                                                                   Demo Video  CPT Video 보러가기