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  Nitrachek is a excellent portable pocket size instrument for the determination of nitrates in soil, plants & water    

  • Quick and easy to use " Results in just 60 Seconds" Internal countdown timer.
  • Utilises accurate Merckoquant Nitra-Test strips   ( 100 strips/ pk )
  • "No Messy Reagents" eliminating the risk of contamination
  • Large LCD, Displays results in mg/l (ppm), Range: 5 - 500 ppm
  • Eliminates inherent problems with the human eye to detect slight colour changes.
  • Memory function stores up to 20 readings, including date & time stamp.
  • Includes a calibration checker strip
  • Portable battery operated instrument, includes a handy protective wallet                 


 Rapid determination of Nitrate concentrations  


    Nitrachek has been the leading instrument for rapid determination of Nitrate concentrations in

    Crops / Plants & Soil for many years. It is widely used by Farmers &  Growers across Europe & North

    America with over 7000! instruments sold to date



     Aquatics :

     By regularly monitoring your Aquarium you can avoid harmful and costly build ups of Nitrates,

     which as most fishkeepers know are an indication of bacterial build up which can lead to disease.




    Environmenatal :

    NITRACHEK is used by Schools & Field Study Councils in the UK for Environmental and Health studies

    with GCSE & 'A' level students, to rapidly determine levels of Nitrates in rivers and streams.
    Areas of investigation:

  • Organic vs inorganic farming and the effects of over fertilisation of crops
  • The Nitrate Cycle and the effects on the Ecosystem
  • Nitrates measurements in:- Soil, Plants & Water



    사용 방법

 Calibration 준비

 미사용 strip

미사용 strip으로 영점 보정

 샘플에 반응 ( 2초 )

 색깔 변화 확인 (60초)

 결과 확인 ( 99 ppm)