Cleaning Verification Solutions

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ATS 2015

  Artificial Test Soil  (ΰ չ)                                                                                 ATS more     Sensititre ŰƮ

  Artificial Test Soil is comprised of the organic contaminants remaining on surgical

  instruments after clinical use, including protein (~23mg/ml), hemoglobin (~8mg/ml)

  and carbohydrates (~6mg/ml).

  These quantities are reflective of the worst case levels found to remain on

  instruments after patient use, but before reprocessing.

  The FDA and other international regulatory agencies specify that simulated-use

  testing should approximate as closely as possible the actual soiling the

  instrument is exposed to during clinical use.  

  ATS meets this requirement with extensive research (available upon request)

  to support it.

 ATS2015 Instruction




Cat. no.


ATS2015 - 1ML

1ml Soil Test

ATS2015- 9ML

9ml Soil Test

ATS2015- 100ML

100ml Soil Test

ATS2015- 500ML

500ml Soil Test



  Blood  Test Soil  (ΰ )       

  Quick, easy and affordable Blood Test Soil (BTS) is a simple, simulated blood

  soil that visually mimics blood on the exterior of   patient-used instruments. 

  The soil is primarily comprised of only blood proteins: bovine albumin and

  hemoglobin in known quantities and is a reproducible formulation.

  The soil also contains sodium alginate and calcium chloride solution that

  cross link to form alginate hydrogels.

  These 3-D protein hydrogels simulate the fibrin hydrogels in clotted blood.

  It has a long, stable shelf life in its lyophilized form. Just rehydrate with

  sterile water and it is ready to use.

 BTS Instruction




Cat. no.



7ml Soil Test

BTS- 100ML

100ml Soil Test

BTS5- 500ML

500ml Soil Test



  Dental Surgical Test Soil  ΰ չ )       

  Dental Surgical Test Soil (DTS) is a reproducible formulation with blood

  proteins, artificial saliva, mucus and bone particulates. It is representative

  of soil found on patient used instruments after dental surgical procedures.






 DTS Instruction




Cat. no.



7ml Soil Test

DTS- 100ML

100ml Soil Test



  Hemoglobin residue on surfaces  ⱸ ǥ ܷ Hemoglobin (1ug) in 30 seconds

 The HemoCheck is an all-in-one test, provides a result in 30 seconds, is

 simple to interpret and indicates blood residue down to 0.1g.

 Significant traces of blood indicate an inadequately reprocessed instrument

 and is a rich source for cross contamination.

 To use the HemoCheck, simply swipe the surface of the instrument, drop the

 swab in the activated indicator, shake vigorously, wait for 30 seconds and

 check for color change. If any area of the swab turns green or blue, the surface

 harbors blood residue and should be reprocessed.

 If many instruments are found to be soiled, a thorough evaluation of the

 decontamination processes should be conducted. HemoCheck complies with

 ASTM Guide D7225.  

 HemoCheck Instruction


 HemoCheck MSDS

Cat. no.



Hemocheck Blood Detection Tests

 (12 tests / pk)



  Protein residue on surfaces    ⱸ ǥ ܷ Protein (1ug) in 30 seconds

 The ProChek-II is simple to use, provides a rapid result, is an all-in-one test,

 and is easy to interpret. The ProChek-II measures for residual protein on

  surfaces. Protein is a significant component of bioburden.

 Traces of protein indicate an unclean surface and a likely source of cross

  contamination. To use the ProChek-II, moisten the tip with sterile water,

  swab the surface of the item being tested, drop the swab in the vial and

  shake vigorously. If the color of the liquid remains brown, the surface is

  demonstrably clean. If the liquid or any part of swab turns blue-green, the

  surface harbors protein and should be re-cleaned.

  The test is sensitive to 1 µg of protein.

 ProCheck Instruction


 ProCheck MSDS

Cat. no.



Procehck Protein

 Detection Tests

 (12 tests / pk)



  Protein residue on surfaces    ⱸ ǥ ܷ Protein (1ug) in 30 seconds

 ProCheck-W (PT-Q-002) is a quantitative protein test to determine the

 amount of residual protein remaining in lumened instruments after

 postprocedure cleaning prior to further processing.

 The Test is an easy to use and interpret method, which provides rapid

 results and comes with the following: 15 Protein Reagent Vials, 15 Blue Vial

 Screw Caps, 15 Pipettes, 15 Ziploc Bags, and an Interpretation Color Chart.

 The test can detect and quantify proteins in a range of 1µg - 30µg ± 1µg, showing

 the readings on the spectrophotometer.

 ProCheckW Instruction


 ProCheckW MSDS

Cat. no.



Quantitive Protein

 Detection Tests

 (15 tests / pk)



  Moisture residue on surfaces    ⱸ ǥ ܷ moisture (0.05uL)

 Designed for detecting residual moisture in channels, the single-use

 HydroCheck assists in detecting moisture.

 The user-friendly test kit can detect as little as 0.05 L of residual moisture,

 providing immediate results. Swabs are available in the following

 sizes: 1.7mm, 2.8mm, 3.8mm, and 5.0mm. If a detectable amount of residual

 moisture is present on the swab, there will be a visual color change to

 purple on the swab.

 For periodic quality assurance testing of endoscopes. Endoscopes should

 be reprocessed after testing.


 Hydrocheck Instruction


 Hydrocheck MSDS

HCat. no.



Hydrocheck : 1.7mm


Hydrocheck : 2.7mm


Hydrocheck : 3.8mm


Hydrocheck : 5.0mm

 (15 tests / pk)



  Soil ̿Ͽ ⱸ ô ô .                         

 TOSI® is a consistent, repeatable, and reliable method for evaluating the  

 cleaning effectiveness of the automated instrument washer.

 When metered on to the stainless steel plate, the TOSI® is completely

 analogous to a stainless steel instrument soiled with dried blood.

 Placed in the see-through plastic holder, the challenge is identical to the

 areas of instruments typically hidden from view (i.e., box locks).

 The routine use of this test will help insure that your instrument washer is

 performing at a consistent level, enhancing the routine visual inspection of

 instruments.  TOSI® complies with new AAMI and AORN Guidelines as well as ASTM

 Guide D7225. 

 TOSI Instruction



Cat. no.



Proformance Washer Test

 (30 tests / pk)