- All necessary GLP-procedures are on board.
  - Password protection prevents any unauthorised access to the instrument.
  - Storage memory for up to 12000 values + date and time.
  - Galvanically isolated USB communication port for conection to a computer.
  - RS232 interface for connection to a printer or computer.
  - Operates on the mains (100...240 VAC) or 9...15 VDC.
  - Freely downloadable data acquisition software enables to view, store and

    edit the measurements in your computer.





T8710 and T8720 are our multi channel thermometers. Each has it’s own speciality:

• T8710 can use up to 16 thermocouples (J,K,T and E type) and is ideal for long distance measurements requiring a short response time with a

  reasonable accuracy.

• T8720 can use up to 12 Pt100 probes and is ideal for highly accurate measurements at short or medium distances

Various features are provided in each instrument. Both USB and RS232 are provided for communication with a PC. A printer can be attached directly

to the RS232 interface.


Temperature shown in °C, °F or K. Common or individual 1- or 2-point calibration of each channel to any known temperature,

eliminating variations from probe to probe.

Data-logging up to 18000 data sets can be stored manually or at a programmable interval. Download free data acquisition software

from to view, store and edit the measurements in your computer. Stores minimum/maximum readings for each channel.

Display Bright LCD screen with white back-light for better readability. The interactive LCD screen provides step by step instructions in

the language of your choice (English, Dutch, French, German).

Hold function allows to freeze the display

Alternating mode enables an automatic sequential view of all channels and allows to send the measurements simultaneously to a

printer or computer.

Alarms. Individual high/low limits for each channel alerts the user and can close a relay when readings stray outside limits.

2 relays that can close or open upon the following events:

- Alarm    - Low alarm    - High alarm     - Measurement active    - Measurement inactive    - Stand-by

GPL report can be shown on the display or sent to the digital port.

Galvanic isolated USB interface eliminates ground loop effects when connected to a PC.

Automatic continuing with the measurements or data-logging after a power failure.


Ordering codes :

T8710 thermometer includes meter + USB cable

T8720 thermometer includes meter + USB cable

A4800 wall mounting kit (optional)

Supplied with a mains adaptor (100...240 VAC, EU/US). Add -UK for UK plug versions, -CH for Swiss plug versions.