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   Watermax™ is an OMRI approved, noninvasive water treatment for use in all greenhouse and

   hydroponic systems. By inhibiting the formation of scale, mineral deposits, and bio-film,

   Watermax will dramatically improve conditions. Watermax promotes healthy, fast-growing plants

   through increased oxygen, calcium, and magnesium intake.


   The development of scale is ubiquitous within the commercial greenhouse and hydroponic industries.

   Over time, a hard, insoluble and interlocking network of vitreous scale is formed which can harbor disease,

   plug plumbing, trap organic materials, as well as damage equipment among other problems.

   Watermax changes the chemical structure of scale, and dissolves salts of Calcium and Magnesium.

   Watermax is a safe alternative to toxic and corrosive chemicals and can be used throughout all stages of

   the growing process, from cuttings through the final stage of harvest.


수조 : Watermax처리전

수조 : Watermax처리후

Roots : Watermax처리전

Roots : Watermax처리후


      Q & A


  What products can Watermax be compared to, or serve as an alternative to?
  Watermax falls under the supplemental category, with its primary functions being competitive with those of H2O2, Drip Clean, FloraKleen,   hygrozyme, UC Roots, and Clear Rez. Watermax is generally considered more cost-effective than all of these products however.


  How is Watermax used in aeroponics/ cloning?
  Adding 1-2 ml of Watermax every few days to your aeroponic cloning machines will greatly reduce buildup in the inner-workings of your

  equipment. It is typically not needed to add more Watermax until you top off your reservoir or replace reservoir water completely.

  Watermax will also encourage healthy root development from the start in seedlings and clones.


  What is the shelf-life of Watermax?
  It varies. When sealed tightly and stored in a dark, protected environment, watermax may stay fresh for several years.

  Direct sunlight, improper storage, and extreme temperatures can have a negative effect on its potency.


  What does it mean that Watermax is a “proactive product?”
  We describe watermax to be proactive as it has had proven results in the enhancement of the rootzone of plants.

  When a side-by-side experiment of Basil plants was conducted at UC Davis, the plants undergoing Watermax treatment yielded

  a root mass of almost double.

  In addition, these roots appeared bright-white and thick compared to the roots of Basil plants left untreated.


  What is Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) and what role does it play in the health of plants?
  ORP is a complex scientific process that is often overlooked in hydroponics. Simply put, it refers to the overall health of your water.

  Watermax mildly and safely oxidizes your water, and as a result, increases the ORP of the water it’s added to.


  Why is root health so important that there is a product specifically geared to promote root health?
  Every plant is connected with its environment through the roots. Watermax increases the surface area of the rootzone to increase

  the uptake of nutrients and water to ultimately lead to superior overall plant health. You will notice the roots appear brighter and

  whiter while using Watermax, which is a good indication that the remainder of the plant is also healthy.


  Is there any stage of the plant life cycle that the use of Watermax is prohibited?
  No. Watermax is both safe and recommended to use from seedling through harvest and even as a final flush to help reduce

  residual mineral buildup.


  How does Watermax aid in flushing/ the final flush of a growth cycle?
  As harvest approaches, it is generally recommended to flush out your entire system to remove the residual mineral buildup

  from the nutrients you’ve been running for the past 3 months. It has been observed that the flowers and fruit produced from a

  system that is properly flushed taste and smell better, with the absence of any bitter after-taste or smell. Use at a higher rate,

  between 5-10 ml/ gallon during a flush.


  Will Watermax harm my plants when used at higher dosages?
  No. Watermax is OMRI approved and will not harm your plants when used at higher dosages, whether it be due to hard water,

  flushing, or helping to prevent the development of scale.


  Is Watermax incompatible with any fertilizer and/ or pesticide products?
  Nope! Watermax is safe to use with any fertilizer or pesticide products from seedling to harvest. It is not recommended to be

  used with beneficial bacterias however.


  Can Watermax be used as a foliar spray?
  Yes. When mixed with water at a 1:10 ratio, Watermax will promote overall plant health.


  How long will it take to start seeing the benefits of watermax after I start using it?
  About 2 weeks.