Airsamplers  a portable and energy-efficient wet concentrator air sampler.

 Tested and proven in user sponsored tests, it is ideally suited for the collection of bioaerosols, particulate

      matter and soluble vapors, including submicron-sized particles, airborne molecular contamination, biological

      particulates, and volatile and semivolatile chemical compounds.

 특허기술인 일회용 정전하를 내재한 wet filter 카트리지 탈착으로 조작이 쉽고, 안전하며, 이차 오염 없음.

 수집된 서브마이크론 미립자를 특허된 기술로 액화하여 분석기에 바로 적용 가능. (PCR, Elisa, GC/LC….)

 현장에서 바로 바이러스의 존재유무를 판별 : 바이러스의 확산여부 검증 및 불필요한 동물 살처분 축소





  The Bobcat is a lightweight, portable, dry filter air sampler

  with a unique rapid filter elution kit. It is ideally suited for

  the collection of bio-aerosols and particulate matter;

  including sub-micron sized particles, airborne molecular

  contamination, and particulates. This system has been

  developed to address a broad range of air sampling


  • Easy to read status display

  • Built-in carry handle

  • Lightweight, only 7.8 lbs with battery

  • Built-in tripod for easy deployment

  • Built-in omni-directional aerosol inlet

  • Rugged design for use in high-stress environments

  • Built-in mass fl ow sensor for consistent sampling rates

  • 4 programmable run modes allow the user to balance

     collection rate with battery life

  • Disposable, single use fi lter cassette and elutor

     components—no need for decontamination

  • No liquids in the collector allow for use in extreme


  • Eluting captured particles from the fi lter takes only

     5 seconds; sample is ready for analysis in less than

     one minute

  • Easy to use—operators can be trained in 10 minutes

  • Controls can be manipulated with cloved hands,

      while in full NBC gear


 Specification :

 Flow rate :


 Particle collection size :

 1 um to 10um

 최종 액상샘플 볼륨:

 6 – 7mL in 5 secs

 배터리 수명  (충전용) :

 •18hrs ; 연속   •4일 이상; 최대

 Dimensions :

 12 X 7.5 X 7”


 7.8lbs(3.5 kg)




Air Filter 회수







  a portable and energy-effi cient wet con-centrator air sampler.

  It is ideally suited for the collection of bioaerosols, particulate

  matter, and soluble vapors, including submicron-sized

  particles, airborne molecular contamination, biological

  particulates, and volatile and semi-volatile chemical

  compounds. Th e system has been developed to address a

  broad range of advanced air sampling requirements and is

  considered the gold standard for collecting large quantities

  of airborne pathogens, including anthrax, foot and mouth,

  citrus canker, avian infl uenza, mold, and many others.


 High collection efficiency and particularly high collection

    rate —The very high flow rate of 450 L/minute, when

    coupled with high collection efficiency across a very

    broad range of particle sizes, gives the SpinCon superior

    collection rates. The ability to vary sampling time makes

    it the ideal choice for both intermittent and continuous

     monitoring application.

 Ability to concentrate and retain particles in solution 

    The ability to concentrate and keep particles in the

    sample makes it possible to achieve sample

    concentrations of the target many times higher than

    what is in the air.

    This allows the SpinCon II to produce samples that are

    well within the detection limits of most sensitive

    detection devices, even if the agent sought is in low

    ambient concentrations.

 Capable of long sampling times - Because the SpinCon II

     utilizes a sample fluid make-up supply to replenish

     evaporated fluid, the sample fluid level will reliably stay

     at 10 mL. This allows the capability to set sampling

     times for several hours. 


 Flow rate :


 Sampling time:

 User Define ( 5min~ 16hrs+)

 Sample size


 Sample extraction:


 Concentration Rate :

 1000 particles /1L of air

 Dimensions :

 18” x 24” x 12””

 Weight :

 52lbs(23 kg)



Biological OrganismsParticles, Vapors & Aerosols
Anthrax SporesMilitary Nerve Agents
Viruses and Coliphage viral materialMilitary Blister Agents
Bacteria and Coliform bacterial materialPsychotic Agents
Spores & fungal allergensExplosives
Mold, pollen and sporesPesticides

Markets for the SpinCon & OMNI

Markets for the BOBCAT

• Government institutions & facilities monitoring

• USDA and agriculture

  - Plant & animal health

  - Citrus Canker detection

  - Foot and Mouth detection

• Clean rooms & Mailrooms

• Cruise ships & Sea borne containers

• Food production facilities

• High purity manufacturing*

• Indoor air monitoring

  - allergens and molds & “sick building”

• Research

• Hospital acquired infection monitoring

• And Environmental Genomics!!!

Industrial hygiene monitoring

• Environmental monitoring

  - Indoor allergens & molds

  - Pollutants, spores, crop fungi

  - Bio aerosols

Hospital Acquired Infection Monitoring

• First responders


• Research to discover organisms with novel

  and valuable genetics








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