Advanced Highly Accurate Mycotoxin Testing System.                                                                              TOXIMET

  • Simultaneous multi-toxin analysis in a single rapid test
  • Highly sensitive & accurate result, sub-part per billion detection
  • HPLC-like accuracy and precision in less than 10 minutes
  • Environmentally friendly: Low solvent usage
  • Lower health risks to employees: No need to manipulate toxins
  • Lower running cost per test at a fraction of the cost of HPLC
  • Designed for easy operation by non-scientists & semi-skilled users
  • Immediate result on screen, no interpretation & calculation required
  • Portable & Applicable at all points throughout the supply chain

ToxiQuant Rapid




   Easy Operations  Designed for easy operation by non-scientists, and with no need for data manipulation

  • Immediate result on screen in 10 minutes detection

     time, no interpretation & calculation required

  • Designed with robustness as a core development

     objective – single moving part

  • Fluorescent standards:  No instrument calibration

     required using Toxins

  • Designed for use by non-scientists and Upgradable

     with new methodologies


   Easy Steps   From extraction to quantitative, highly accurate results in five easy steps and just 40 minutes



   Comparative Tables   with other current methods



  Comparison with HPLC

   The ToxiQuant generates quantitative

   results that are in excellent agreement

   data while achieving a 70% saving in

   the cost of operation


  • A mixture of all four aflatoxins was

     spiked onto individual ToxiTraces

     and also analysed by HPLC

  • Duplicate ToxiTraces prepared for

     each commodity, at each of five toxin

     concentrations (incl. zero)

  • Excellent agreement between

     ToxiQuant & HPLC





  ToxiSep : clean-up cartridge 

  Immunoaffinity clean-up which is Industry standard methodology

  accepted across the industry.


  ToxiTrace: quantitation cartridge 

  Immobilisation of all aflatoxins onto the inorganic adsorbent,

  without the use of antibodies.

  Concentrates the sample into a very small space


 Accurate,  consistent, rapid and user-friendly toxin measurement required at Critical Control Points along food chain…

 “ Working with HPLC is difficult, time-consuming and also very expensive. The ToxiQuant system, being very fast and

    easy to use has completely changed the way we work. From making the slurry to getting the results takes 40 minutes

    which is very helpful in allowing us to make decisions quickly.  We have found that the tests are more accurate than

    those contracted out and even more economical.  We also no longer have to purchase expensive HPLC instruments

    and are assured of equivalent results.   Overall, we are extremely satisfied with the product.  We would have no

    hesitation in recommending this  machine to other companies.”            Elham Farajpour Q/C manager, Cap Kerman

 “ Two of our factories are equipped with the ToxiQuant system and we see many advantages. 

   We now manage  the hazard at the stage of processing, the earliest possible in the supply chain. In addition, we

   make several savings: time; we get the results in 40 minutes money;  we remove the risk at the production step, and

   therefore avoid any recalls / rejections and costs generated that could occur all along the supply chain. 

   These advantages apply to all operators in the nut and dried fruits industry.  The ToxiQuant System is HACCP

   compliant and a good solution to the requirements of all Food Safety Standards (BRC, IFS etc.) and also for our

   customers, the most hard to please.  The system is very easy to use and maintain and performance is ensured as it

   carries out system tests regularly and automatically.  We feel the benefits of the ToxiQuant system in our business

   every day.”                                                                                                      Caroline Muller Quality Manager, Cap Industries

  “We undertook extensive tests with ToxiQuant to ensure that results were in line with HPLC testing. 

   Given the accuracy, simplicity and the speed of response we are very happy with the new system. 

   Time plays an essential role in our industry, since we can take our Aflatoxin test in less than a day,

   decisions can be made quickly and we have never lost any purchase opportunity.

   •We run up to 5 tests a day and it is unbelievably worthy

   •The accuracy of the machine has helped us to buy and sell any kind of product we want.

  It also means that we no longer have to factor in time for the external testing of samples when supplying

  our buyers, so deliveries can be made more quickly”                    Le Thi Kim Hue, Purchase and Quality Manager, Olam 

  “After extensive testing and evaluating the available methods provided by the industry we concluded that ToxiMet

   is the best partner to assist us and our customers.

   The ToxiQuant system allows us and our customers to validate our sorters while checking the detection

   level of a wide  variety of mycotoxins in a most accurate way.”

                                                                                           Wim Van Doren, Test and Demo Manager, TOMRA Sorting

  “기존의 HPLC를 이용한 분석은 비싸고 시간도 오래 걸렸으나, ToxiQuant는 결과를 얻는데 빠르고 상대적 으로 비용도

   적게들며, 그 정확성 때문에 모든 곡류에 대한 Mycotoxin 검사를 편하게 수행하고 있다.

   분석 업무 담당자도 더욱 편하고 원활한 분석업무를 할수 있으며 수입처 또는 수출처에도 믿을 만한 결과와 더불어

   더욱 빨라진 업무처리에 모두 만족하고 있다.                                                                              Robi Danon, CEO, VOICEVALE