A powerful analytical tool to prevent the presence of

  antibiotic residues in the food chain.

  Simultaneous screening of 10 antibiotic families

  in Porcine, Bovine, Poultry, Egg, Milk and Seafood

  • 10 antibiotic families   

  • More than 80 residues  

  • In 1 single test 

  - Catalogue Reference : BEADYPLEX - 96 tests - KIT087 



  BEADYPLEX combines simultaneous competitive immunoassays in the same single reaction.

  The test uses unique reagents comprising mixtures of antibiotic-conjugated beads (assay competitors), broad- range antibiotic binders

   (receptors and antibodies), and  fluorescent secondary binders.

  Each bead, individually encoded by its specific size and internal fluorescence, in combination with a primary binder, enables the detection

  of well-defined groups of antibiotics.

  In a first assay step the beads and primary binders are incubated with the sample extract. In the second assay step the labelled secondary

  binders detect the remaining primary binders on the beads surface, thus generating the final assay signal.

  The resulting “beads-binders” complexes are then characterized by the Flow Cytometer, which entails the classification of the beads by

  discrimination of their sizes and internal fluorescence levels, and the measurement of external fluorescence intensities.

  The presence of antibiotics from a particular family is identified by a signal decrease for the corresponding encoded bead, with respect

  to a zero dose control sample.









 Good to Know  

  The misuse of antibiotics in animal farming regularly leads to the presence of residues in edible products.

  Early detection of these residues is essential to guarantee consumer protection and industrial food processing.

  BEADYPLEX is an efficient screening method for the analysis of most relevant veterinary antibiotics in different food commodities, 

  providing family identification in one single analysis per sample..