Portable & precision detector of microbial activity ( 미생물 검출기 )

  • Easy to use, compact portable respirometer and detector of microbial activity.
  • 미생물호흡으로 발생하는 가스 압력 변화를 특이 압력센서/ 믹싱/
    온도조절 등의 정밀한 모니터링으로 metabolic activity 판독.
  • 균종에 맞게 제작된 배지가 내재된 일회용 50ml culture vessel 사용.
  • 현장에서 실험실로 시료를 보내는 시간적, 인적 낭비 줄일 수 있음.
  • PC를 이용하여 압력 변화를 실시간 모니터링 및 기록.
  • Food, Beverages, Dairy, Pharmaceutical, Environmental 적용.
  • 수질오염 모니터링 ( Ballast Water;평형수 미생물 오염여부, 정도 측정).   

 Unskilled operators can perform accurate quantitative tests

v  전용 배지는 pH indicators와 항생제/ 다른 균 성장저해 성분이 포함된 선택 배지류 입니다.

v  Bacteriametabolic & respiratory 과정을 통해 gas를 소비 또는 발생시키며  
    (O2감소, CO2증가), 이때 발생되는 압력 변화를 센서를 이용하여 정밀하게 감지 합니다.

v  VesselPre-filled 와 empty 모두 공급되며, empty에는 기존의 상용 배지를 넣어서 사용

    가능하며, Pre-filled vessel내의 배지 캡슐은 샘플 첨가후 10 분안에 용해됩니다.

v  간편한 사용방법과 균종 별로 셋팅된 프로그램으로 쉽고 편하게 실험이 가능합니다.

v  Anaerobes 뿐아니라 Paint, Oil, Seawater, Solid, Swab sample도 실험이 가능합니다.

v 시료 내의 균 수(plate counts)와 높은 일치도를 보여 Total colony counting도 가능합니다


                                                         SpeedyBreedy culture vessel flyer     

Aerobic respiration describes respiration (breathing) of bacteria using oxygen.

  Microorganisms depending on the presence of oxygen to survive are called aerobes.

  Example: Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Anaerobic respiration is respiration not using oxygen. Microorganisms not using oxygen
  to survive are called anaerobes. Some organisms require the absence of oxygen in order
  to survive, this group is called obligate anerobes. Example: Clostridium perfringens

Facultative anaerobes can switch their respiration between using oxygen and not using
  oxygen and can surive equally well in the presence or absence of oxygen. Example: E.coli

Speedy Breedy culture vessels are pre-filled with a culture medium of choice, provided as dehydrated,

   encapsulated medium. As sample is applied, the medium rapidly and evenly dissolves, aided by

   Speedy Breedy’s patented mixing system.

 - Sealed, safe and easy to inoculate, these culture vessels are Speedy Breedy’s equivalent of an agar

   plate and like agar plates; there are different types of culture vessels for different occasions.

 - Culture vessels are available which contain general media to support the growth of a wide range of

   organisms, differential media containing pH indicators and also selective media containing antibiotics

   and other compounds to selectively permit the growth of target organisms and inhibit the growth

   of others.

 - Note that for those customers interested in preparing their own culture media or testing in the

   absence of a culture medium where the sample itself offers a source of nutrients for the replicating

   bacteria, sterile, empty culture vessels can be provided that contain no culture medium.

 - It is important that in these situations, appropriate protocols and standard operating procedures

   are followed for the preparation of sterile culture media and the aseptic filling of the empty culture


 • Easy to use - Designed for both Experts and Non-experts.
 • Faster than traditional Lab methods.
 • Some highly contaminated samples in 2 hrs, most tests complete within 12 hours.
 • Don’t need a lab, technician or additional equipment
 • No preparation required, retains the environment of the sample
 • Highly accurate to 1 CFU (single organisms).
 • Does not record false positive or false negative
 • Robust, suitable for field work. Designed for reliability and safety
 • Pasteurisation  
 • Audit Trail

 For Specific Bacteria

 For Yeasts

For Specific User Requirements



  Speedy Breedy Sample Preparation Sample Preparation Quick Start Guide

Using the Vessel Port :
Samples can be introduced through the 6mm port using a 50ml syringe. Use disposable, individually packed sterile syringes. A new syringe should be used

for each sample.


Using the Self-Sealing Needle Septum :

For certain sample types, or when the

system is used in a sterile environment,

injecting a sample through the self-

sealing rubber on the vessel lid can be

the most suitable option.

two sterile needles (up to 21G or 0.8mm)

and a sterile syringe.

Sample Types and Recommended Methods of Adding to Vessels :

Beer and Fizzy Liquids

You will need a sterile 50ml syringe,

and a sterile plastic tube. Beer should

be diluted with sterile water in a 1:1

ratio. Beer can be added to vessels by

using a syringe barrel as a funnel


Sample Types and Recommended Methods of Adding to Vessels :


Swabs are ideal for the testing of

surfaces, large solids or other sample

types which might be otherwise unsuitable

for testing inside a culture vessel. Use

sterile, individually packaged swabs. 

Speedy Breedy culture vessels hold the sample to be tested.
A new vessel is needed for every test.



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   BACTEST Launches Upgraded Speedy Breedy to Monitor Contamination in Ballast Water (선박 평형수)

   BACTEST Launches Suite of Media Products for Fast Contamination Testing in Food



  SpeedyBreedy 는 무엇을 측정하나요?


  Anaerobes 그리고 Yeasts Moulds도 검출이 가능한가요?

  SpeedyBreedy 는 Ballast Water( 선박 평형수 ) 미생물 오염 여부 진단이 가능한가요?

  Speedy Breedyenvironmental samples 적용도 가능한가요?

  Dipslide 또는 ATP 방법보다 어떤 장점이 있나요?

  Vessels은 모두 배지가 포함되어 있나요?

  Solids, Paint, Oil, Seawater 등의 실험에도 가능한가요?

  실험결과를 얻는데 얼마나 걸리나요?

  Swabs을 이용한 검출도 가능한가요?