MicroSpek™ product line provide a series of instruments for life science fields dealing with cell density, DNA, RNA and protein

   quantification with unprecedented accuracy.

   The product line includes many configurations with models offering both a micro volume sample and industry standard micro-

   cuvette based sampling.

   We design the best simple easy to use instruments for the life science community.   

   “Simple Innovation” in everything is what we do.






MicroSpek™ DSM  


 Fast, accurate, reliable, affordable new concept in Cell Density Meters. .

 Ability to measure a cell’s density in micro-volumes and/or cuvettes and tubes.

 Low-cost portable unit that can be used in small restricted spaces.

 Internal battery allows it to be used anywhere in the lab or taken to the fields.

 No user calibration required  &  Graphical LCD Display.

 Noise Compensation Technology for removal of noise in reading.

  Features   Small footprint, reducing time and cost to result                       

  The DSM series 600nm wavelength light beam is absorbed by the cells as it  

  passes through, and outputted as a percentage of transmission (%T) or

  absorption (Abs). Test yeast, E. Coli and bacteria cultures (not recommended

  for mammalian cells) in suspension easily and accurately. The DSM internal

  memory will store up to 1000 data points, and can be upload in excel format

  to PC software (Part # DSM-SWL-J9004, sold separately).

    Capacitive touch LCD display

    Time lapse, charting, & graphing

    600nm wavelength LED for E.Coli, Yeast, & Cell counts

    Standalone system & Small footprint

    Reads abs, %T, and McFarland units

    Micro-volume, cuvette or dual reading option

    Works in incubation cabinets, under anaerobic conditions or

     in fume hoods and bio safety cabinets



Catalog number  





Cuvette photometer

Micro photometer

Dual photometer

Path length  

10 mm

1 mm

10 and 1 mm

Absorbance range (OD)  

OD –0.3 to 1.99 A

OD –0.3 to 1.99 A

 OD –0.3 to 1.99 A

Absorbance accuracy

< ± 0.05 A at 1 A

< ± 0.05 A at 1 A

< ± 0.05 A at 1 A


± 0.02 A at 1 A

± 0.02 A at 1 A

± 0.02 A at 1 A

Maximum concentration  

OD 3.0 A

OD 3.0 A

OD 3.0 A

Detection limit  

–0.3 to 3.0 A

–0.3 to 3.0 A

–0.3 to 3.0 A

Measurement time  

1 second

1 second

1 second

Minimum sample size

10mm cuvettes or 14~17mm

round tubes

 20 microliter drops

10mm cuvettes or 14~17-mm round

tubes or 20 microliter drops


600 nm

Wavelength accuracy

± 2 nm

Wavelength repeatability

± 0.02 A at 1 A

Spectral bandwidth

Full width-half max approximately 10 nm




2,000 readings


240 x 160 graphic LCD

Light source

LED (light emitting diode)


(W x H X D)  19.4 x 8.4 x 17.3 cm

Instrument weight

0.8 kg


  DSM Models                         





  cuvettes & tubes(14~17mm)

Micro-Volume (20 ul)

Micro & cuvette & tubes

Cell Density Meter Software

  DSM Product Datasheet