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   Implementa Hebe AB presents unique products in different areas of technology.


   CoolHeater - Magnetic Stirrer  : This unique magnetic stirrer both heats and cools media   

    MFG-1000 - Magnetic Field Generator : Easy equipment for generating magnetic fields in medical research


 CoolHeater-Magnetic Stirrer

MFG-1000 - Magnetic Field Generator



  CoolHeater : Heating & Cooling & Stirring   동시에 ... Temperature control ; 0 to 99ºC   !!

  Magnetic stirrers intended for users in Biotech, LifeScience and other areas

  Convenient - Cools, heats and stirs samples directly on the laboratory bench

  Compact - Replaces bulky refrigerator equipment, ice and water baths  

  Precise - Temperature control from 0 to 99ºC

  Flexible - Beaker and up to 5 Eppendorf test tubes at the same time

  Features   Small footprint, reducing time and cost to result                       

CoolHeater® - Grey

CoolHeater® - Blue

CoolHeater® - Red

 Technical data :  

 -  Dimension: 80 x 100 mm,    

 -  Stirrer velocity: 100 - 2000 rpm  

 -  Temperature range: 0 to 99ºC

 -  No of Eppendorf tube seats: 5


   - Stirring of heat-sensitive substances such as enzymes or proteins

   - Dialysis directly on the lab bench  

   - Organic synthesis in micro-scale.

   - Recrystalisation

   - Long-term reactions at constant temperature