Advanced PhotoActivation System!

 The latest innovation in Viable PCR for detecting viable bacteria in environmental samples


 - PhotoActivation Systemdead organism의 DNA/RNA를 neutralizes 시켜, PCR, Flow Cytometry,

   Fluorescence Microscopy를 이용하여 living cells의 DNA/RNA선택적으로 Detection할 수 있습니다.


 - PhotoActivation System allows the activation of a photosensitizer (PS) by low doses of harmless visible

   light of an appropriate wavelength (blue, red, and yellow) to excite the PS to its reactive triplet state,

   which will then generate reactive oxygen species that are toxic to cells.      



Phast BLUE


  The PhotoActivation System for Tubes  

  -  Efficiency : High power LED 최상의 cross-link efficiency제공.

  -  Reproducibility : 뛰어난 재현성과 manual photoactivation의 오차 없음.
     균일하게 안정된 빛의 조사로 동시에 12 samples photoactivation.  

  -  Flexibility : 빛의 세기, 조사시간 등의 조절로 최적의 staining 조건 제공.




     Viability PCR : DNA/RNA에 높은 친화력을 갖는 photo-reactive 시약과 안정된 일정량의 빛의 조사를 통해 죽은 세포 또는 세포막이 손상된 Cell의

                         DNA를 차단하여, 정상 세포막을 갖은 live Cell의 DNA만 Assay에 사용되어지도록 합니다. ( PCR, qPCR, DGGE, Pyro-Sequencin....)



 Tube the vPCR

 reagent 넣고 mix.

 TubeDark Box

 Rack에 넣고 뚜껑 닫음.


 장비에 Tube Rack 장착

장비 뚜껑 덮고 Power On.


Sample is ready. DNA from dead cells has been neutralized.



 Photo Activation Universal Light

  For Elisa plates, Culture plates and Bottles, Petri Dishes and Filtration membranes.

  - Efficiency : High power LED 최상의 cross-link efficiency제공.

  - Reproducibility : 뛰어난 재현성과 manual photoactivation의 오차 없음.
    균일하게 안정된 빛의 조사로 다양한 용기내의 샘플을 photoactivation.  

  - Flexibility : 빛의 세기, 조사시간 등의 조절로 최적의 staining 조건 제공.




      PhotoActivation System neutralizes the DNA/RNA of dead organisms through the use of photoactivable intercalating reagents.

      The samples treated with the system enable the detection of DNA/RNA from only the living cells by PCR, Flow Cytometry, Fluorescence Microscopy


 Features II    

  Interchangeable base support, with two
  different heights for optimizing the exposure.

  Base support can be removed from the 

  instrument and can be heated or refrigerated 

  to modulate the temperature during sample 



Application of Photo Activation System

          Application field



 Pathogen detection

• Escherichia coli

Helicobacter pylori

• Acanthamoeba

Staphylococcus aureus

• Rapid detection method

• Precise procedures adapted to each sample or microorganism

• Assessment and understanding of microbial reality

 Infectious disease evolution

 and susceptibility studies

Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Candida albicans


• Feasible technique & Rapid diagnostic

• Effective evaluation of disease evolution

• Susceptibility testing method

 Quality control and health

 risk  assessment of

 environmental and food


• Legionella pneumophila

Salmonella enterica

Clostridium perfringens

Listeria monocytogenes

Escherichia coli O157:H7

Mycobacterium avium subsp. Paratuberculosis

• Rapid and inexpensive analytical tool

• Effective evaluations of disinfection treatments

• Screening of the efficacy of disinfectants

• Adequate estimation of health risk in food and

  environmental samples

 Infective Virus Detection

• Hepatitis A virus

• Enteric virus

• Bacteriophage T4 virus

• RNA viruses

• Real significance of virus levels detection

• Discrimination of infectious and non-infectious viruses



             Dark Box®



 For handling reaction tubes in a light protective environment and isothermal incubation.

  - During all the steps previous to DNA neutralization by the means of photo-activation.

     it is necessary to protect the reaction solution from light, in order to avoid unspecific
     reactions and reagent loss.
 -  Additionally, according to reagent nature, microorganisms and sample types, in some
    cases it is also very important to ensure temperature stability during the incubation time.



   - Compatibility: Compatible with PhAST tube holder

   - The dark box system combines these characteristics and is therefore the best solution for handling your samples during viability PCR process.
   - With the appropriate temperature the reagent diffusion through cell membrane of dead microorganism could be
     optimized, as well minimizing the reagents access to live microorganism. 
   - The tube rack can be placed into a fridge or a microbiological incubator to reach the appropriate temperature.


         D-Bag Station ®



 For removal of DNA intercalating dyes from aqueous solutions..

  - D-Bag system은 실험에 사용된 다양한 DNA dyes 제거에 안전하고 효율적인 방법입니다.

    specific intercalating dyes, Et-Br, Propidium Iodide or their derivatives PMA and EMA.

  - 고농도의 Phenathridinium 포함 용액을 D-bag내에 2 시간 비치하면, 위해한 dye들이 제거되며,
    나머지 용액은 안전하게 버려질 수 있습니다.

  - D-bag은 일정 횟수 재사용이 가능합니다. ( ~ 800 vPCR microtubes).


 Features    D-Bag Holder (Benchtop support + One D-Bag sample + Funnel Ø45)

  Safe handling & Benchtop support

  Avoid manipulation of toxic solutions and the transfer to vessels for applying decontamination treatments.

  D-Bag ensures the minimal manipulation possible.

  The activated charcoal is separated from the solution by a permeable membrane, allowing a correct

  decontamination and preventing accidental release of particles containing toxic substances.  



Tube의 reagent 제거

 Waste bottle에

reagent 수거

Opten the D-bag

by cutting

Support 홀더에


Waste reagent를

D-bag내에 부어줌.

 D-bag에서 2시간
 비치후, waste drain.


 Program for Phast BLUE


 PhAST Blue allows to optimize the viable

 PCR method by programming different

 parameters such as light intensities and

 photo-activation times.