CONCENTRATING PIPETTE  대량의  액상시료를  분석( PCR, Elisa...)하기 위한  Solutions     

- The Most Powerful and User-friendly Concentration Method.

  (For bacteria, parasites, molds, fungal spores, fragments, whole cells.

   viruses and free DNA)

- Assay (PCR, Immunoassay..) 위해 인적 시간적 소모가 많았던 기존의
sample 전처리 과정 (culture enrichment, filtration, centrifugation)
필요 없는 microparticle concentrator.

- 다양한 액상 시료를 한번의 Filtration/Elution 과정으로 분석에 응용.


  Features   Small footprint, reducing time and cost to result                       

v  빠르고 간편한 Concentration. within 45 sec.  

v  Ergonomic Designed : Biological samples  remain viable.

v  Vacuum으로 액상 시료내의 큰 입자들을 membrane filter (0.1um pore size )로 걸러냄.

v  Extraction Port로 carbonated wet foam을 주입 filter에 걸러진 입자들을 elution 시킴.

    (0.075% Tween 20/ 25mM Tris buffer).

v  No carry over between samples : 시료들이 장비내부에의 접촉이 없어 이차오염 방지. 


  Patented Technics                        

* Flat membrane filter CPT for bacteria:  Hydrophilic hollow fiber
  - 0.1 Polyethersulfone
  - 0.4 Track‐etched polycarbonate


* Hollow fiber membrane CPT : second generation Hollow‐Fiber

   • hf‐CPTs for bacteria:

    - 0.45 μm polysulfone   /   - 0.2 μm polysulfone

   • hf‐CPTs for virus:

    - 0.05 μm polysulfone  /    - Ultrafiltration polysulfone

• “Expanded Liquid” & Increased Viscosity  – reduced channeling

• Moves as rigid body with very narrow (<10 μm) lubricating Layer

Bursting bubbles & Improved Elution              

• Lower minimum elution volumes

• Largely unaffected by sample matrix

• Dramatic advantage for multi-fiber modules

• Quickly Breaks Down into a Liquid


  Procedures     unique single-use tips that contain a filter membrane with uniformly-sized pores.


액상시료가 전용 tip으로 흡입되어 내부 필터에 걸러짐.


Patented wet foam elution으로 입자들을 concentration  


  References     Concentrating Pipette Tip Testing consisted  of  concentrating  100  mL  samples  spiked  with  ~150  CFU/sample.


   Representative Staphylococcus aureus Feed

1ml from 100ml feed

concentrate from 100ml feed

   Representative Aspergillus niger Feed

1ml from 100ml feed

concentrate from 100ml feed



- CPT Brochure                            Broucher 보기

- CPT User Guide                         

- CPT Quick Start Guide                

- CPT Tip selection Guide              

- Testing on 6 Organisms            

Animation video - How it works    

Demonstration video    

- Processing Environmental waters  


 Concentrating Pipette Selection Guide





- Mobile Laboratories : - Outbreak Investigations  - Liquid samples from surface samples
- Government Laboratories

Food & Beverage Satety

- Beverages; spoilage organisms and pathogens   - Produce wash waters   - Extracted Food Samples

Pharmaceutical &
Drug safety

- Cleaning validation of surface swabs                - Sterility testing; in process prior to pooling  
in- line or custom solutions for standing off risk reduction

Water Safety

 - Bottled water       -  Well water          -  Drinking water facilities      -   Raw water         
Treated water       -   Rapid response to broken water mains            - Ultra pure water safety

Environmental monitoring

- Recreational water monitoring          - Waste water monitoring          - Legionella monitoring  
Industrial run-off monitoring

Medical & Veterinary diagnostics

- Blood-borne infections        - Urinary tract infections       - Other clinical samples after extraction

Consumer products safety

- Cosmetics            - Soap,  laundry goods

Life Sciences

- Drug discovery

Hospital acquired infection control

Liquid samples from surface samples      - Drinking water systems      - Outbreak investigations